360° Virtual Visualizations

Through 360 ° images it is much easier to understand a space, simply by rotating the cursor in any desired direction. This helps a lot not only to communicate the project to the customer but also in the design phase, in which it is possible to check the design choices, the proportions and the materials and to be able to intervene promptly to correct any errors. It is obtained by fixing a point of view at the center of the desired environment and from here it is possible to move the cursor 360 ° in order to view every single corner of the project.

Easy to use

By moving the cursor on your screen you can orient yourself within your project and understand the final result in an easy and clear way.

Virtual Tour

By connecting different views to each other, it is possible to create a real tour of your home, interactively and without moving a centimeter!

Save valuable time

A 360 view is still little taken into consideration, but allowing you to better understand your project, it can really make a difference in terms of project time and cost.

Look wherever you want

Compatible on any device, you can whatch your 360° views on your PC or with your Smartphone, by simply using the touch or gyro. With a VR headset the effect is just amazing.

Experience our 360°