Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design is a branch of interior design focused on designing various accommodation facilities (like a Hotel, a Restaurant or a Winery). A trend that has developed a lot in recent years, making design essential for offering guests a unique welcome.

The concept of hospitality is quite old and is mentioned in writings dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome. It possibly derives from greek word “Xenia”, meaning  "guest-friendship": it is an institutionalized relationship rooted in generosity, gift exchange, and reciprocity.

The Myth suggests Zeus together with his son Ermes, under the guise of travellers come down on earth, knocking the doors around the city looking for a refuge. From then on, the “guest” becomes sacred and it is obligatory to give them best welcome.

So for us, the primary goal of hospitality design is to offer guests maximum comfort, making them feel at home while simultaneously captivating them with unique experiences. It is about telling a story capable of immersing the visitor into a unique and exclusive experience, surrounded by ultimate comfort and wellbeing.

In order to create a successful hospitality design project it is necessary to interpret and even anticipate the future needs of clients. Furthermore it is essential to be constantly updated on the market trends as well as an in-depth knowledge of the best materials and finishes available.

A design project meticulously developed using this approach can significantly enhance the long-term success of a hospitality facility, adding value and setting it apart.

Hospitality Design

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