Longlife Health SPA on Vanity Fair

On Vanity Fair Italy of 18th December 2019 there is an article about our last project for the treatment cabins for the Longlife Health SPA inside the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic in Castrocaro.

In particular the two pictures refer to the Suite SPA with the sauna and the Onsen bathtub and to the Lucia Magnani body treatment room.

Longlife Health Spa inside Lucia Magnani Health Clinic is the innovative prevention project of GVM Care & Research, at the Terme di Castrocaro. The Clinic applies the Group’s healthcare know-how in a context that puts the guest in a state of great relaxation. Inside it is possible to carry out visits, check-ups and diagnostic investigations relating to various medical specialties.

The leading scientific project is the Long Life Formula®; designed to extend life expectancy and quality of life through 7 specialist courses. Starting from a medical evaluation, guests are guided into a series of specific activities. The guests can benefit from medical, food, fitness, spa and aesthetic treatments. The Clinic also offers beauty, skincare and wellness services.