Interview for DOME

We are very happy to share our first official interview for DOME edited by IN Magazine. DOME is a yearly special edition dedicated to the most captivating architecture/interior designs and emerging professionals of Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Umbria.

You can find the full article on pages 74-75-76 at this link: DOME | INMAGAZINE | 2019

Thanks to Francesca Miccoli for the interview and the nice article.

The English translation is following below:

There is no project same to another but the same philosophy to design.

A statement that well sums up the professional philosophy of Hande Yildiz and Federico Dottorini, a well-matched couple in life and souls twin also in front of the drawing board. Her from Turkish origins, discreet beauty and slight talk but polished;  He is a native of Umbrian green heart of Italy, polite in the ways and in the aspect. Galeotto was the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano where both were trained under the aegis of enlightened teachers, able to stimulate their curiosity and resourcefulness. More oriented towards structural architecture and the 3D drawing Federico, most devoted to interior design Hande, the two are
identical in their meticulous and passionate approach to the profession. For them every project, concerns a private dwelling or a commercial office, a spa or outdoor pool, a restructuring or a new realization, has equal dignity and deserves obsessive attention in planning each minimum detail. The home-base is the home office of Forlì, which has opened its doors a few months ago and is already the destination of a pilgrimage of clients. Then there are the branch in Perugia and in Turkey. The marriage has in fact helped to establish a bridge between two cultures, opening a door to the East.

“Exhausted the first experiences in Italy, in 2014 we moved to Istanbul, working in different studios “, says Hande. “In a period difficult for professionals at first weapons, we decided to try to experience Turkish turmoil – adds Federico -. Within a team that gave us the opportunity to get hands on many different types of projects, leaving us the freedom to experiment ”. Deep study and creative research have characterized the design of a villa in the hinterland of Bodrum, in the west of Turkey. An original project and load of suggestion.

view of the modern villa in Bodrum with stone walls and concrete roof

“A single floor house above ground, set in a beautiful hill dotted with ancient olive groves. Over 1,000 square meters of surface intended to accommodate the large family of the client, eager to enjoy the tranquility of the mature age in the warm embrace of his loved ones “, explain the two. An immense estate enriched by a swimming pool and, gem made in Dottorini, one outdoor wellness area, connected to the house through a grove. “Our goal was that of giving life to a project that would allow a dialogue between the interior of the house and the landscape, in a harmonious continuity – says Hande -. A job at four hands we carry in heart: a spark has ignited, we realized we could work together, completing ourselves. The made of being husband and wife does not necessarily guarantee success ”.

In mid-2017 the return to Italy, in Umbria, and in October 2018 the landing in Forlì. The first intervention carried out in Italy involved the transformation of the cashmere showroom for the brand Messini, located near Perugia, land from the great textile tradition.
“Initially a minimal intervention was required but the progression of the works, with the inclusion of new elements to little little by little, led the client to change radically the project – says Federico -. We have been given the opportunity to dare and we have chosen to recreate the weaving of fabrics through metal meshes worked by hand and decorations of the walls made of lime raw. In a sartorial manner, built on details. The concept was to give life to a thread of cashmere that connects everyone the spaces without ever interrupting: from the desks, fulcrum of the project, to the hangers up to being supporting elements of the furnishings”.

brass profile hanging and lime wall decoration sliding mirrors

And speaking of support, it is peculiar was the use of oak beams from the eighteenth century recovered from an old farmhouse of the customer. “We have achieved a large meeting table, heart of the meeting room in the center of the showroom, with 5 long axes over 5 meters, which rest only on three points. Even the desks, conceived in an arc, they rest only on two elements. We always like to create something special ”.
If the husband was inspired by the maestro Carlo Scarpa in identifying daring details but also simple in feasibility, his wife followed the warning by Professor Cino Zucchi: “He always urged his students to exaggerate, not to set limits ”. To ban the copy and paste! “Is extremely important training but also the awareness that one does not end never to learn: for this we try to participate the most at trade shows, reading magazines, opening up to other professionals for an exchange of ideas that transforms collaboration in mutual growth. It’s still learn about the different technologies in a context where changes are fast, in a world increasingly complex, competitive and specialized ”.

Federico’s closure is exemplary. “In architecture it is not invented never anything, there is a continuos evolution thanks to the recovery of elements of the past to be reinterpreted with modern techniques and materials. It is necessary to succeed in put that something up what already exists “.


A name taken from oenology:


“We chose to connote our business with an acronym borrowed from the world of oenology, where doc is synonym of controlled origin that is product’s quality. And of high quality and authentic, must be our business design in all its aspects, from the structural plan to interior design. Bringing out the main features of the project, declining them to the specific nature of the place, to its history, resources and materials; in a manner craft and in compliance with customer requirements”.


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