Beauty Treatment Cabin & Products Exposition

A new concept design for a beauty treatment cabin and exposition of products from a prestigious line of skin care cosmetics.

The existing room on which this project is based, is located inside the Grand Hotel of Castrocaro.

The project seeks to interpret and communicate the identity of the brand. This was possible through identification of the distinctive characteristics of the company: the highest quality products, scientific research and beauty.

So we designed the treatment cabin in order to achieve a space a space that materializes the concept of beauty.

We chose a mood that through bright materials and precious finishes could express this concept. The walls are covered with a beautiful onyx, which is the stone of beauty par excellence. A material that gives brightness and a sense of richness through its wonderful veins.

Moreover we have introduced another material symbol of beauty and elegance: the pink gold metal. In fact all the metal finishes have this special treatment in order to give a particular brightness and reflections. The pink gold metal also represents an idealization of the perfection of the skin reachable through the treatments.

As regards the exposition of the products, we thought of an original way specially designed to convey the values ​​of the company.

The products are exposed in particular glass spheres floating and vibrating in the air like skin cells. The full pink gold mirror covered wall emphasizes this effect of movement through reflections that multiply the number of spheres. They represent the scientific research which is the base of the brand line. This is not just a simple treatment booth but a real space, where the product and the company message are at the center of the design; a prototype cabin that can be replicated anywhere in the world.


  • èdoc architects + Be a Business Spa


  • 2018


  • Grand Hotel Castrocaro


  • Castrocaro


  • Ongoing