La Spa Suite – Luxury Private Wellness Experience

La Spa Suite is a new luxury wellness design concept in Widen, just 30 minutes from Zurich.

It’s a 160 sqm suite designed exclusively for couples, offering a privatized oasis of well-being. Every detail reflects a meticulous design aimed at creating an elegant and intimate atmosphere inspired by nature. Custom-made furnishings and carefully designed lighting enhance the sensory experience, transporting visitors to a world free from everyday stress. The concept embodies a sensorial journey, inviting guests to indulge in moments of relaxation and rediscover inner peace. Collaborating solely with Italian companies, artisans, and suppliers ensures the highest quality, reflecting the excellence of Made in Italy.

The search for a new wellness experience

The spa industry is evolving, seeking new concepts for a more accessible and tailored luxury wellness experience. Recently, especially since post-pandemic, there’s a heightened enthusiasm for both physical and mental well-being. Correspondingly the demand for intimate and personalized experiences has led to the widespread adoption of Private Spas by many hotels. As a specialized studio in innovative spa design concepts, we undertook the task of expanding this concept beyond typical hospitality design standards. Our goal was to create a more seamless, natural path with a continuous flow of spaces and experiences.

A precise and delicate intervention respecting the existing structure

La Spa Suite is housed within a luxury new building, featuring a ground floor for commercial office use and surrounded by a private garden. With high ceilings and large garden-facing windows, the ground floor sets a serene ambiance. Extending to the semi-basement level, the spa area accommodates technical facilities like cellars and warehouses. While adapting existing layouts minimally, the spa’s integration optimizes space while preserving the building’s integrity. To address the presence of a radiant heating system, we implemented non-destructive design solutions. We therefore designed a platform which not only highlights the spa path but also facilitates the crossing of all technical components. Finally meticulous design ensures easy restoration to the original state if needed, minimizing future construction needs.

The intriguing path of La Spa Suite

The spa suite welcomes firstly its guests by a serene ambiance and briefed on the spa experience. After, a vaulted-ceiling corridor with warm wood paneling leads to the suite and its luxurious amenities. The spa area boasts a grandeur, featuring a central hydromassage tub and a hidden rain shower. Additionally sliding screens overlooking the garden ensures the privacy to the guests and modulate the exerior light. Here guests can join Sauna nad Hammam cabins, eqyìually a dedicated fountain corner offers refreshing Swiss spring water.

Adjacent is an intimate alcove for quiet relaxation, furnished with a bespoke herbal tea corner. The la spa suite room, accessible through concealed doors, offers a suspended bed and an electric fireplace, perfect for cozy winter evenings.

Descending the stairs, a hallway adorned with display elements leads to a double room and a space for wine tasting and relaxation. A specially crafted tasting counter, along with custom furniture, enhances the ambiance. Lastly the space extends to include a cinema room and a treatment room for massages.

A meticolous interior design for spaces inspired by nature and which convey wellbeing

We paid great attention to connecting with the surroundings and natural elements from the outset of the design study. Through meticulous concept design, we reinterpreted Switzerland’s natural landscape and urban features. Especially historic fountains in city centers served as inspiration, symbolizing the flow of precious Swiss waters.

Materials were chosen to evoke a curated yet natural ambiance, emphasizing textures and finishes. Stone and wood textures, warm paint tones, lime decorations, and brass inserts contribute to an ancestral yet elegant atmosphere.

We optimized flows through spaces, avoiding interruptions, and delineating private areas with custom furnishings to enhance a natural and harmonious atmosphere. These elements act as filters, adding depth to environments. Integrated lighting components in the furniture create captivating plays of light, reminiscent of sunlight filtering through forest trees.


The project won the BIG SEE – Interior Design Award 2024 – Hospitality

Project Category

  • Spa Suite - Private Spa


  • 2023


  • Widen - Switzerland


  • 160 sqm


  • Completed


  • Moodboard - Concept Design - Project Design - Furnitures Design - 3D Visualizations - Construction Site Supervision


  • Federico Dottorini


  • BIG SEE - Interior Design Award 2024 - Hospitality
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