Garden Villa C

The project deals with the theme of landscape architecture, inserting itself in a context of strong landscape value. The villa is facing the city of Todi in the beautiful countryside of Umbria and it was recently renovated. After all the owner understood  that the building and its garden could not dialogue with the surrounding area.

Therefore we made a design that manages to give an identity to the anonymous hill on which the house stands, through an operation of excavations and chamfers of the ground with the insertion of elements in stone and wood that follow already existing traces. They become terraces and each of them has small defined areas: solarium, jacuzzi, terraces for relaxation.

At the lower level, an excavation in the ground was conceived to allow the inclusion of a parking space for cars, and the upper terraces maintain their design by becoming a wooden pergola in correspondence with the roof. This allows to give aesthetic continuity and language to the prospect and allows protection from the sun.
The small circular walls embrace the land and become extensions of the villa in the landscape, in precise points are transformed into stairs that allow the owners to reach the estate’s vineyard to the east side fo the villa or descend along the hill to reach the technical areas.


  • èdoc architects


  • 2014


  • Private


  • Todi - Perugia


  • Completed