LongLife Health Clinic – Beauty & Wellness Clinic

The Longlife Health Clinc is part of a very important redevelopment within the prestigious thermal complex of the Grand Hotel in Castrocaro. The project is part of the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic, a cutting-edge center to improve the quality of life. It was carried out at the same time as that for the Longlife Health SPA, within the same structure.

In a wing of the historic building, we intervened to create aesthetic medicine treatments booths and aesthetic medicine clinics; according to the highest hygienic-sanitary standards.

We designed a total of 9 face / body treatment booths and 4 medical clinics, one of which connected to the hairdresser for hair treatments. In addition, we have completely renovated the old hairdressing salon and created a waiting and relaxation room.

Above all it was important not to adopt interventions that would upset the structure and the interiors. For this reason, we limited our intervention to a soft restyling without having to resort to major renovations.

The relax area of the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic

The most important intervention was that relating to the construction of the waiting and relax room; as we had to join two rooms by breaking down the non-original partition wall.

In one of the two rooms there was a mosaic with themes from fairy tales and cartoons of the time. We therefore tried to keep this decoration as much as possible, recovering it and enhancing it in a frame of light.

The relax room is a special place for the patiences of the Health Clinic; here they can await their treatments by drinking thermal water from the fountain that descends from the ceiling.

The hairdressing salon

For the hairdressing salon we have enlarged the space by inserting a filter that divides the wash unit from the styling area. We designed the filter wall with plaster blocks that recall retro-shaped elements; so they allows a pleasant division of the space with a see-through effect. We also designed the custom furniture as the units with big mirrors and the showcase for hair products.

From the salon is possible to reach a medical clinic for special treatments for the hair with the mud and the thermal waters of Castrocaro.


  • èdoc architects


  • 2019


  • Renovation


  • GVM Engineering


  • Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (FC)


  • 600 sqm


  • Completed


  • Concept Design - Moodboard - Project Design - Furniture Design - 3D Visualization - Site Supervision

Photography & Visualizations

  • èdoc architects