Lucia Magnani Skincare – Beauty Treatment Rooms

With this project we realized the new concept design for the two beauty treatment cabins of Lucia Magnani. As the CEO of Castrocaro Terme, one of Italy’s top medical-spas, Lucia Magnani has developed complex therapies for wellness and beauty, plus supplements and physiological products. All of this research work is inspired by her love of natural ingredients and her passion for anti-aging research.

Lucia Magnani has spent considerable time and effort putting together scientific research with a unique group of minerals present in the ancient waters of the millennial sea held in the cellars of Castrocaro. These minerals together with antioxidants gave rise to Lucia Magnani Skincare.

The project is part of the renovated LongLife Health SPA in Castrocaro (inside the prestigious Lucia Magnani Health Clininc), which is a unique wellness path with various cabins for face and body treatments; as well as suites for private spa experiences.

It consists of two cabins: one for body treatments with a hydrotherapy tub for underwater massages and a shower. The other one designed for face beauty tratments.

With this project we paid close attention to communicate the identity of the brand Lucia Magnani. This was possible through identification of the distinctive characteristics of the company: the highest quality standards, scientific research and beauty.

So firstly, we designed the treatment cabin in order to achieve a space that materializes the concept of Beauty.

The choice of precious finishes

We chose a mood that through bright materials and precious finishes could express this concept. The walls are covered with a beautiful onyx, which is the stone of beauty par excellence. A material that gives brightness and a sense of richness through its precious veins.

Moreover we have introduced another material symbol of beauty and elegance: the rose gold metal. In fact all the metal finishes have this special treatment in order to give a particular brightness and reflections. The rose gold metal also represents an idealization of the perfection of the skin reachable through the treatments.

A wallcovering with a special metal finishes represents a soft and sinuous curtain and contributes to embellish the space giving elegance. We customized the wallcovering with references to the Lucia Magnani logo and graphics.

The brand identity and Lucia Magnani product exposition

Along with the logo  and graphic of the company, we inserted some special circular elements suspended from the ceiling. They are used as showcase for the products and packages and also we designed on them Lucia Magnani’s slogans. These words that emerge from the metal with a warm LED light are clearly visible, easily legible and continuously contribute to transmitting the brand value to the customer during the treatment.

As regards the exposition of the products, we thought of specifically designed elements to convey the values ​​of the company.

The products are exposed in particular glass spheres floating and vibrating in the air; they represent the positive energy caused by the harmonic vibration of the skin cells by the products.

In addition the mirror wall emphasizes this effect of movement through reflections that multiply the number of spheres. In conclusion, the spheres as active skin cells also transmit the work of continuous scientific research that is the basis of Lucia Magnani Skincare products.


  • Showroom - Beauty Treatment Room

Year / Location

  • 2019 - Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (FC) - ITALY


  • 40 sqm


  • Completed


  • Brand Identity Research - Concept Design - Moodboard - Project Design - Furniture Design - 3D Visualization - Construction Site Supervision - Photography


  • Federico Dottorini / èdoc architects