Hotel R in Positano – A journey into the Amalfi coast

The project consists of a luxury interior design project proposal for a prestigious hotel in Positano, facing the beauty of the Amalfi coast.

The intervention is a proposed upgrade of a currently 4-star hotel into a 5-star luxury structure. Our studio have analyzed all the services offered by the structure, highlighting the most critical aspects and studying improvement solutions. In particular, we have reconfigured the distribution layout of the hotel, defining more comfortable rooms and in line with the required standards.

Another important aspect was to analyze all internal and external routes to allow easier accessibility to customers and staff. We adopted advanced solutions such as addition of new lifts and routes inside the structure .to break down architectural barriers and allow visitors to easily access all spaces

Translating the Amalfi Coast into a luxury hotel design experience

The Amalfi Coast inspires the whole project for the transformation of the hotel. Our proposal aims to welcome the guests to the hotel, embracing them with traditional Italian lifestyle & hospitality. The bright colors of the local ceramics, along with the nuances of the sea and the rock, inspire the interior design of the rooms. The shapes conceived for the hotel’s interior design reinterpret those of the homes overlooking the sea.

A new pergola welcomes the guests in the hotel reception. This new ambiance is characterized by the blue tones of the sea and the warmer ones of the rock.
The existent crossed vaults creates an elegant, spacious and welcoming environment. At the same time the boiserie, the brass finishes and the use of majolica on the floor emphasize the essence and elegance of the context.

The design of the rooms and the italian lifestyle experience

The use of elaborated materials, bright colors and precious finishes enrich the experience inside the Suites, creating a luxurious room, unique and immersed in an unforgottable context of Italianness.

The interior design development of the suite room yet connect with the context of the Amalfi coast. The element of water becomes the focus of the project, with a scenic pool which is visible from every angle. For this reason the bathroom is designed as an open space shielded only by thin metal elements. The idea is to keep fluid spaces, without interruption, permitting to enjoy the view of the panorama from every corners of the suite.

Moreover the characteristic elements of Positano come to life inside the suite, e.g. the pergola-like element above the living area. Also the ceramic tiles, the arc shaped niches and all the custom designed details give a suggestive and precious atmosphere.

Project Category

  • Resort Hotel


  • 2023


  • Positano - Italy


  • 7.800 sqm


  • Ongoing


  • Moodboard - Concept Deisgn - Project Design - Furnitures Design - 3D Visualizations

3D Visualizations

  • Federico Dottorini
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