Hotel K in Puglia – The essence of italian hospitality

The project consists of a luxury interior design project proposal for a prestigious hotel in Puglia, immersed into the beauty of the Mediterranean forest.

The intervention is a proposed upgrade of a currently 4-star hotel into a 5-star luxury structure. Our studio have analyzed all the services offered by the structure, highlighting the most critical aspects and studying improvement solutions. In particular, we have reconfigured the distribution layout of the hotel, defining more comfortable rooms in line with the required standards.

Another important aspect was to analyze all internal and external routes to allow easier accessibility to customers and hotel staff. We adopted all the solutions to break down architectural barriers and allow visitors to easily access all spaces.

The Hotel sits in an extraordinary context of natural beauty, inside a pine forest with walls overlooking the cliff. Its structure features organic, fluid shapes that are also consistently echoed throughout the building’s design. The low roofs integrate perfectly with the vegetation, bright colors and maritime pines that protect from the heat of the sun.

Translating the simplicity of Puglia into a luxury hotel design experience

The project is inspired by metaphysical architecture, connected with the magnetism and spirituality characteristic of the landscape.
Every stone brings with it the character of the place, inviting us to reconnect with ourselves and the surrounding environment. Thus the hotel’s transformation aims to preserve its ancient identity, reconfiguring spaces to reflect the territory’s peace and purity. It also generates a feeling of timelessness, compelling a person to embrace complete relaxation.

One of the most iconic architectural elements of Puglia is the Trullo. It represents the historical memory of a people, bearer of values, culture and traditions. They are plain limestone buildings made with the same technique as dry stone walls, without the help of mortar or cement. It is also an expression of a remote civilization based on the complicity between people and nature.  A simple yet perfect recipe based on three ingredients: climate, local building materials and agricultural economy.

In the collective imagination, Puglia represents an immersion in the history and tradition of past centuries. An experience that offers close contact with the tranquil nature of the Apulian countryside and the striking contrast of red earth, olive groves, and the deep blue sky.

The design of spaces as an expression of a new experience of luxury

Upon entering the hotel, the welcoming and traditional natural ambiance seamlessly transitions into innovative, modern reinterpretations of traditional forms. The colors fully reflect the palette of the place, with shades that recall the earth, nature and the sea. The shades of water and the softness of the tones recall typical raw clay constructions of the territory, giving a suggestive and warm atmosphere to the ambiance.

Additionally, the reception presents itself as a central body with organic and sinuous shapes. A sculptural and dynamic body, ready to welcome niches of privacy and relaxation within its vaults.

Finally the interior design of the room takes inspiration by the “suspended time” that manifests itself throughout the entire region. The incorporation of stone into soft, flowing shapes seeks to evoke an elegant and timeless ambiance. As you enter the room, the serene and soothing tones engage the senses, offering guests an experience deeply connected with nature. Bright niches on the wall integrate with the stone, recalling the facades of rural homes in Puglia.

Project Category

  • Resort Hotel


  • 2023


  • Puglia / Isole Tremiti - Italy


  • 3.350 sqm


  • Ongoing


  • Moodboard - Concept Deisgn - Project Design - Furnitures Design - 3D Visualizations

3D Visualizations

  • Federico Dottorini
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