Villa GZ – Contemporary Villa in Bodrum

This luxury villa design project is located in Bodrum, on the hinterland of the Aegean region of Turkey. The design of the luxury villa takes inspiration from the landscape of particular beauty; it is an area with a great vocation for the production of wines and olive oil which benefits from the proximity of the sea.

The architecture of the villa

The building was conceived as a contemporary architecture, a very clean and minimal element. The structure open itself towards the landscape with respect for the existing place.
A concrete element identify the roof and favors a screening from the sun during the hottest hours; the use of the stone refers to the secular rural constructions present in the area. Moreover the wooden panels favor privacy, protection from light and makes a natural integration into the context.

The house develops on one main level to accommodate the entire large family of the owner. In fact there are 4 bedrooms, a large living area and kitchen as well as a small spa.

Interior design of the villa

The living room is totally panoramic thanks to large windows, facing the beautiful valley around the villa. There is a fireplace which divides this formal place to another little game room, an informal area where to talk and play. From the living room it is possible to access to the swimming pool, protected from the outside for privacy. In fact a long wall divides the common places of the villa from the neighbors.

Another special place designed for this house is a little SPA with sauna ad hammam. This space is both connected to the rooms and to the exterior; from here is possibile to reach a little grove for relaxation near the house.

On the basement floor there are all the necessary technical rooms like garage and cellar; but there is also a gym and an independent apartment for the guardian.


  • èdoc architects


  • 2017


  • Private


  • Bodrum - TURKEY


  • Ongoing


  • Project Design, Moodboard, 3D Visualization
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