Le Logge – Palazzo di Varignana

Luxury Suites Design inspired by Italian Heritage

The project concerns the design of 21 luxury suites inside the Palazzo di Varignana. This is a famous Italian resort on the beautiful hills outside Bologna.

The suites are located inside two new buildings for approximately 1900 sqm and are characterized by Italian-style terraces. The rooms have different typologies: Superior Room, Junior Suite and Master Suite.

The sophisticated and refined design arises from a combination of innovative technical elements and classic details inspired by timeless Italian elegance.

The choice of refined materials

The materials like tufted eco-leather for the bed headboards, warm and relaxing colour nuances on the walls; brass inserts to embellish the details of the furniture, elegant canaletto walnut finishes strengthens the modern classic design of the spaces.

Each room expresses preciousness thanks to a careful choice of floor and wall materials. All the suites have antique leather-effect oak parquet laid in a Hungarian herringbone pattern, which gives an extra classic elegancy. Big porcelain stoneware slabs with different marble effects covers the wall of each bathroom.  Moreover, the different marble effects used in the bathrooms have been reproduced in a coordinated manner in the corresponding rooms. In order to give an aesthetic continuity, we combined same finishes with the tops of the desks and tables.

The molded frames applied to the wall which reproduce elegant boiserie, gives a further value to the rooms. They are important for harmonizing and regularizing spaces, inside which we inserted  reproductions of old prints enclosed in golden frames.
To complete and further enrich the proposal of each room with warmth and elegance, we decided to work with eco-leather and velvet to cover sommiers, sofas and armchairs. Furthermore, we chosed damask-effect fabrics for the curtains of the large windows that frame the beautiful landscape. The contrast between neutral toned plain surroundings and colorfull rich furnishings accentuates the visual balance inside each room. The sofas present in the family room and master suite are transformable into guest beds in case of necessity. This was an important aspect for creating flexible space design, capable of responding to various accommodation needs.

Lighting design

Finally, the lighting element has been carefully studied to create different scenography and accentuate the details present in each suite: grooves at the headboard for grazing lighting, wall sconces to accentuate the framed prints, reading lights, lamps table and floor. The light gold finishes of the lighting fixtures with the insert of pleated lampshades contribute to give the classic elegance to the spaces.


  • Hospitality - Hotel Suites

Contractor / Supervisor

  • CRT Group

Year / Location

  • 2022 - Varignana, Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) - ITALY


  • 1.900 sqm


  • Completed


  • Interior Design - Moodboard - Project Design - Shop Drawings - Furniture Design - 3D Visualizations - Construction Site Supervision - Project Management
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