MessiniMessini Cashmere Showroom

The design project concerns the creation of a cashmere showroom space for messinimessini, a new made in italy brand. The atelier is located in Umbria near Perugia, a land with a great textile tradition. In fact the region of Umbria is famous all over the world especially for the precious cashmere yarns. (Thanks to prestigious companies like Brunello Cucinelli and Fabiana Filippi).

The space houses the showroom is an old mechanical garage, on the ground floor. A single 70 sqm space where the industrial past is still strongly present, with its traces lacerated on the structure.

The materials and the concept

The company has decided to set up here its atelier where the garments of the line are conceived and designed, and finally shown to the public. A timeless space capable of telling an ancient story; this produces a design which takes its inspiration from the industrial character of the old garage.

The result is a mixed space through a relationship of affinities and contrasts. We made this thanks to the use of poor and rough materials such as cement, iron and wood next to the brass. The lime decoration on the wall and ceiling gives timeless italian elegance through motifs that represents old drawings and tiles. The old brushed brass gives life to a continuous profile that moves through the space. Like a cashmere wire, it is woven too, creating spaces and connecting functions in a precise continuity. This element olds also LED lights and spots for lighting the products, according to a precise design and calculation.

The showroom elements custom designed

For the messinimessini cashmere showroom we also cared the custom design of many furniture. The first is a suspended fabric storage cabinet, which composition is like a patchwork of iron and mirror which alternate randomly.   Another  element is a little sofa for the relax corner, we designed it according to capitone motif  clad with leather.

The work desks are something really special: their light wireframe structure is kind of arch with only two points of support. In addition this arc is a kind of portal which hosts the designers working on the desks. From here the designers can have a full view of the space and work in good light conditions.

Most importantly we also designed the meeting table, in the middle of the room.  It was realized with recovery wooden slabs obtained from an oak beam of XVII-XVIII century. The particualr structur consists of only three support element who hold the table and squeeze the wooden boards together.

For the realization of the project we chosed only Umbrian artisans, which made possible a project of great quality and craftsmanship.


  • èdoc architects + Régis Boudon-Doris


  • 2017


  • MessiniMessini


  • Perugia, Umbria


  • Under Construction


  • Project Design, Moodboard, 3D Visualization, Furniture Design, Site Supervision
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