Mockup Apartments in Istanbul

This is an interior design project for a mockup apartment in Istanbul. The mockup consists of two different units which will be shown in the sales office of a Turkish construction company. These apartments are of 2 two different dimension and type: one of 130 sqm and the other 75 sqm. Both of them are located in the residential towers which is under construction.

The biggest apartment meets the needs of families with children, while the smaller one is for the needs of young couples or business men.

For the big apartment we designed a big living room with a big kitchen. There are two toilets, two bedrooms and a studio. One bedroom is the master bedroom meanwhile the other bedroom is for a baby (in this case a girl). In the studio there is a working desk with bookcase, but it is possibile to transform it into a guest room. The sofa can be opened into a bed.

This apartment was designed under client’s instructions, in order to achieve a contemporary design with a touch oc classic influences. In this way it si possible to better fullfill the needs of the particular clients who will be the future house holder.

On the other hand, the interior design for the other mockup apartment is a bit different. It has a  more contemporary and clean design, suites better for young people. The living room is an open space together with the kitchen, and it has only one bedroom.

A mockup apartment is very important for the contruction company to understand if they met customer expectations. In this way it is possible to predict the success of sales to future customers.


  • èdoc architects + Renda Helin Design & Interiors


  • 2017


  • Private Company


  • Istanbul - TURKEY


  • Under Construction
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