House FM – A contemporary house in Luxembourg

This is an interior design project for a new private house in Luxembourg. The house consists 3 levels above ground and is part of a complex of terraced villas under construction.
After buying the house, the client wanted to customize the spaces with a touch of italian elegance.  Therefore we changed part of the layout of the house finding new design solutions to create flexible spaces.

The house interior design solutions

The ground floor hosts the garage, the living room with kitchen and a small bathroom. The living room is an open space connected to the kitchen, but this one can be closed by a system of slinding panels. As a result when not needed the kitchen can completely disappear behind a wooden wall.

Moreover in the living room the client asked for a fireplace, in order to create a corner where to find some relax. So we designed a wall with a bio ethanol fireplace beacause traditional one was forbidden by the project.

In the upper level, the first floor consists of an office / guest room, a kidsroom and a bathroom. The client asked for an open space to be used as a studio on a daily life. But when nedded an easy solution to reverse it into a comfortable guest room. Consequently we designed a flexible space that through retractable sliding panels could divide the space quickly and easily.

The last floor there is the master bedroom with its bathroom. Here the original ceiling height (typical inclined pitches that characterize the Nordic countries) is preserved to obtain a greater perception of space and create a sense of lightness. The master bathroom has a double washbasin and a big tub with shower.

Finally the basmenet floor completes the interior design of the house in Luxembourg. there are service areas such as laundry, cellar, and a spa / fitness area.


  • èdoc architects + Régis Boudon-Doris


  • 2017


  • Private


  • Luxembourg


  • Ongoing