Virtual Visualizations

Our ultimate virtual visualizations techniques allow us to show you the project as it will be in the real life; because before seeing your project realized, it is necessary to foresee the desired effects studied in the design phase in conditions of real lights and with the exact materials chosen. We can also develop not only static renderings but also virtual tour in augmented reality and 3D video presentations. In our portoflio we selected some works we did for Architecture studios we collaborated or private clients.

3D Image Rendering

We create a photorealistic image starting from a 3D model that is provided to us by the client or that we design according to the instructions provided. We create the exact materials chosen and apply lights with real photometric files for maximum final result. We can render both exterior and interior scenes in the various desired light conditions.

360 ° Virtual Tour

Through 360 ° images we can give you a better and more understandable idea of the space you want to create. It is an image in which the point of view is positioned in the center of the room and you are free to turn in any direction to be able to examine every single corner. Using virtual reality glasses the result is even more amazing!

3D Animation Rendering

For an even more complete virtual experience, we can process videos of the 3D model that bring the perception of space, volumes and materials to an even more realistic and exciting dimension. We can then process real HD videos with ad hoc background music to convey a truly unique experience for any type of project.

Our Portfolio

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